Ran means "the excellent one" in Japanese, which is a very apt name for an excellent knife series. The blades of the knives consist of 69 layers of damasked steel. The core is made of hard VG10 steel and other steel layers of a softer, more rust-resistant steel. This means that the knives are extremely sharp and keep sharp for a long time. The steel layers have been both hammered and polished to create the beautiful vein that adorns the blade. The hardness ratio is 60-62 HRC.

The knife handle is made of black micarta. The material is produced by joining linen cloth and special plastic under high pressure. This provides a hard, water resistant and hygienic material that is well suited in a kitchen environment. The handle is attached with the help of two powerful steel rivets. At the end of the handle is also a stainless steel button that ensures that the knife is perfectly balanced.