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Now I'm going to give you tips on something simple and really good. Cheese biscuits!

We have two different varieties.

Goat's cheese and walnuts- Ideal for a glass of white, preferably Sancerre.

Gruyeré and pistachio nuts- Ideal for a Gin-tonic or other nice drink.

You put these on a plate or oven dish and bake in the oven for a minute or so. Then serve with your drink.


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Weekend tips from Sofie. A glass of bubbly, Rougette and semi-dried strawberries.

Rougette is a German mild putty cheese that during storage is washed in different salt stores, usually every two to four days with the addition of a special yeast and bacterial culture as well as spices, including paprika powder, which gives the cheese its reddish color. The flavour influence of the peppers becomes more palpable the more ripe and the room-temperature cheese is.

Absolutely wonderfully creamy and tasty!

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We prepared some extra barbecues, it's Friday anyway.

It includes:
Chili & rosemary marinated Swedish pork carrion
Herb/chilli glazed flank steak
Herb & soy marinated fillet of beef skewers
Hansen's sausage
Baking potato halves
Cole slaw

595:-/box 3-4 people

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A real favorite. Freshly baked from our bakery. Levain with Västerbottensost and sun-dried tomato. ...

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I'm sorry, I'm We've been bad at updating you. Yes, the last few days have been upside down. As many have probably seen, the decision was made during the week that we are entering into negotiations to close down our operations in Kiruna. This did not really come as a shock to us as we have been fighting together with LKAB in recent months for KBAB our municipally owned housing company to release the premises they promised us and proposed. LKAB has been fantastic and made us not lose hope but now it agreed that time has run out. Unfortunately, after 7 years of struggling, we now have no new premises that suit us in the new kiruna and we are therefore forced to close the operations when the rest of Kiruna C moves. Now don't get stressed because this isn't planned until Sep 22. Then we also know that representatives in our municipal leadership have said that this will be delayed until 2023 so we have plenty of time to finish magnificently. Gift cards can still be used for a long time and of course we do not slow down. A lot of things will happen right up until the last day because we intend to show that Kiruna missed out on something when the municipal leadership chose to diss us. At the same time, we would like to thank everyone who has come to our support and who has reacted to how this has happened. Thank you for all the support. Let's go on more than ever, right down to the pit. ...

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New delivery with vegan cheeses. May be the tastiest vegan option we've tried. Right now we have the flavors:


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Filling with parts of gourmet steel. There are many of you who have longed for smashers 🍔...

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Today, Sofie held cheese tasting for the staff in the restaurant. Knowledge is fun, shared knowledge is even better. ...

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Having fun together at work is the best there is, isn't it? ...

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Truffle oil, truffle salt and a grater for truffles. Luxuriously worse! ...

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No hassle just a good burger. In addition, Wednesday is day before red day. Worth treating yourself to an extra drink, perhaps. Book pick-up or table on the website ...

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Already today you can pick up this week's barbecue.

If you want, you can also book a box and pick up any day during the week.

It includes:
Chili & rosemary marinated Swedish pork carrion
Herb/chilli glazed flank steak
Herb & soy marinated fillet of beef skewers
Hansen's sausage
Baking potato halves
Cole slaw

595:-/box 3-4 people

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Tjoho, finally replenishing Valrhona! Look at the beautiful spring colors on the packaging. ...

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Summer flavors from @lakridsbybulow have arrived. Just what we need on a snowy day like this.

Sofie and Carro have tasted it, but let you decide for yourself which one you think is the best.

The flavors are sea buckthorn and blueberries.

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Refill with the favorites!

Have you tested these for Brillat Savarin? 🧀

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Sofie is currently preparing an online cheese tasting. Perfect when you don't want to gather in the same room. All participants pick up their bag of cheese, accessories and information and then everyone at home can unpack this, prepare and then just hook up for a joint remote tasting. If you are looking for a cheese tasting remotely or on site with us, please contact ...

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The barbecues were fully booked, but new boxes are coming next week.

But it will come the following tomorrow:

6 kg fresh shrimp 35:-/hg
3 kg smoked shrimp 25:-/hg
30 oysters 35:-/pcs
6 net mussels FULLY BOOKED

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For the summer we are looking for some summer temps. Breakfast staff, do you like early mornings, are orderly, cheerful and like to do the little extra to please people? Then this is the position you are looking for, the working hours are about 06.00-14.00 weekend work occurs. Reception /deli is a service with varying tasks. You answer the phone, receive bookings but also help sell stuff in our deli. You are responsible for ensuring that delin is filled and you check people into the hotel. The working hours are about 10.00-18.00 weekend work occurs. Waiters. You assist our tableware in the dining room in the evenings, fill water, carry out food, take orders. Working hours about 16.00-22.00. Do you know anyone who would like it with us? Feel free to tip them off. ...

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Barbecue veins are packed to the fullest, do you want one too? Write below and we'll put it away in your name.

Marinated Swedish corn chicken breast
Marinated Swedish pork fillet
Swedish steak with legs
Herb marinated baking potato slices
Cole Slaw
Herb butter
Sausage Hansen's Chark

595:- for 2-3 people

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