Book your dinner bag here for pickup Friday or Saturday. We pack your bag with the desired number of servings. The bag includes recipes and guidance and that we have prepared the ingredients as far as possible, then finish it all at home by the stove. It doesn't get any easier.


Vad säger vi, ostfredag imorgon va? 🧀

Ostkylen är fixad och den är maxad. Sofie hjälper er alla välja ut godbitarna under hela dagen. Lite nyheter har smugit sig in. Vad sägs om spansk fårost späckad med svart vitlök, krämiga och nötiga Chaumes eller kanske en ost fylld med mustigt rött vin?

Psst även färsk Burrata har anlänt. Typiskt bra start på helgen tycket vi.

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Refill from @gourmetstal. A fun novelty is a steak table with handles. Ideal for all types of hobs, barbecues and even an open fire. You get an amazing frying surface and can make ultimate smashburgers. 32x32 cm 1195:- ...

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Kiruna, we have a duel again. In the absence of challengers, our deli sends in a challenger. Sure, @djungelstugan was hard to beat but we didn't think it would be that hard to find someone who dares to challenge 😉 book a table or order a takeaway. ...

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News on the shelf! Carbonated organic fairtrade beverages.

When you drink the drinks from Karma Drinks, you contribute to the development of small farming communities in Africa, South America, Italy, Mexico and the South Sea Islands. 1% of sales for each drink go back to the villagers who grow the Cola nuts for Karma Cola.

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This week's cheese bag is ready in delin! This week you will find the following cheeses:
Vesterhavs cheese
Sheep's cheese with thyme
Monte Enebro
Cave-laminated Gruyere

In addition to that, you get with 2 different marmalades and biscuits. 170:- Good deal!

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The weather's getting better and better. Now we want to hang out most of the time. To make your stay easier, we have prepared a snowmobile bag that fits just as well on the snowmobile tour as the ski trip. Write below if you want to book a bag for collection between Thursday and Saturday. We promise, you won't be disappointed. This is the best of the best from @ostronolle @hansenchark @bryggverket @vindelnrokt

-Lillpangarn Dubble Session IPA folk beer from Bryggverket

-Cola blackcurrant from Bryggverket

-3 packs of handicraft sausage from Hansen's Chark

- Wind-smoked side flask

- Vindeln smoked pork fillet

-SPiS lingonberryaioli

- Roasted onions

- Sausage rolls


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News comes in every day. You have to try this hot smoked salmon, so good! ...

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Limited batch! "Shut the fudge up" and "Easy peasy lemon squeezy"

The names say it all, you're going to like this.

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Delivery with lots of lunchboxes and freshly baked bread to Östlunds. The weekend is saved! ...

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Who doesn't want fudge in the Easter egg? Preferably one of every 🐣...

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No dinner plans yet? Then we can tell you about our takeaway menu available on our website or you are welcome to the restaurant for a good dinner in our cozy dining room or deli. ...

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Colorful delivery from @gammelstads. So many lovely colors and flavors. 85:-/bag. Which one will be your favorite? ...

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Filling with lunchboxes in delin! ...

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Did you know that all our bread is sourdough bread? On weekdays, we have daily spherical bread in the store every day. It's so luxurious! 🍞🥖 ...

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Wednesday's burger duel ended with a narrow victory for @djungelstugan with their garlic burger. This week it is a winter break and therefore the Jungle Cottage burgers will be allowed to go alone for a week. V11 is the duel back and we are looking for new challengers so you want to give inspiration on a fun burger get in touch with us easiest by email we need to know the name of the burger and as detailed as possible what and how we cook it and we will fix the rest. So enjoy the week, have a coffee or 7, shop home goodies from delin, treat yourself to some food for takeout but stay healthy...

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Okay @campripan, we'll take on the challenge of steering wheel chain race on spring 2021 ✌🏻#spiskiruna #våryran #kiruna #kirunalapland #campripankiruna #stadslivkiruna #localherokiruna...

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