Zassenhaus is one of the world's best mill manufacturers. In Sweden, spice mills are popular both in restaurants and in home kitchens. A Zassenhaus mill is just a regular mill – until you try it. What really distinguishes the mill is the feeling and the high quality. The mill is almost impossible to wear out and comes with a full 25-year warranty.

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Zassenhaus is a company with history. It was founded in 1867 and has since been a symbol of high-quality utensils. Initially, Zassenhaus mainly worked with goods exports, but at the end of the 19th century they began to manufacture their own kitchen utensils. Today, Zassenhaus is considered the world's best mill manufacturer, thanks in large part to the ceramic mill CeraPlus. Traditionally, mills are made of steel, which means that Zassenhaus spice mills are significantly more durable than other mills on the market.

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