Yaxell was founded in Seki in 1932. The family business is currently run by Takeshi Yamada san, which is the fourth generation knife manufacturer. Seki is known as the capital of Japanese knife and sword manufacturing. Yaxell has har had the skills that have been passed down through generations, and in their manufacturing they combine new technology with traditional craftsmanship. Since its inception, the company has been one of Japan's leading knife manufacturers. The incredible sharpness and fascinating Damascus patterns of knives have made them popular in restaurant kitchens as well as quality-conscious home cooks. 

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Yaxell's manufacturing process is based on old swordsmith techniques that have been parented and combined with modern technology. The blades are punched out by hand from a high-quality steel plate. After that, the leaves are heated in three batches, in the last step to a temperature of 1,050 degrees. Then the knives are cooled down to -75 degrees, and then heated once more. The final step is unique to Japanese knife manufacturing and the secret behind the sharp and rust-resistant knives. After hardening, the knife handles are mounted on. Yaxell's knife handles are made of two types of materials: pakkawood and micarta. Both materials are ideal for kitchen environments and provide handles that are comfortable to hold. Finally, each knife is sharpened by hand by a grinder master and many of them are engraved even with the Japanese cartoon character.

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