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Eating mold cheese and gingerbread is a classic over Christmas. But it can be hard to find the right cheese in the jungle.
Whether you like mild or more flavorful cheeses, we will help you find the right one. Here we test two completely different mildew cheeses together with the spicy gingerbread.

If you prefer mild cheeses, we recommend:

Montagnolo Affine- A German mildew cheese that is incredibly mild, creamy and creamy. A good rookie cheese.

Stilton Colston Basset- This lovely, slightly creamier Stilton comes from the village of Colston Basset near the Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire border and is a real classic this Christmas. It has an incredibly nice balance with saltiness and a long and clear aftertaste.

Eat these cheeses for your own gingerbread or try our tasty gingerbread crumbles from Sigtuna, it's impossible to just eat one.

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Sofie T
Deli Manager & Fromager

Cheese tray for the evening of the evening

Over Christmas, we enjoy England's creamy cheddar cheeses and break off with a salty and classic mildew cheese in the form of Stilton. It is also exciting to weave in slightly different flavors, this time a Gingerstilton that can be experienced as a dessert. Together with the sweet mulled wine we get a "match in heaven"

Whisky chain
Farmhouse cheddar
Farmhouse Goat cheddar
Ginger tint with mango and ginger
Fig Marmalade
Sigtuna flatbread chips
Huså fröknäcke
Apple mulled wine

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