In Japan, the word "tamahagane" arouses a glow in anyone who has an interest in knives. The name comes from the mythical steel used in the manufacture of katanas, that is, traditional Japanese samurai swords. The swords are made up of a combination of hard and soft steel, hard steel in the edge and soft, durable steel in the rest of the sword. This unique manufacturing method has lived on for generations and today forms the basis for the manufacture of Tamahagane knives.


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Tamahagane is manufactured in Tsubame, Japan. The factory is run by the second generation of knife manufacturers, but the craftsmanship behind the knives is significantly older. The knives are made in the same way as traditional samurai swords, from a combination of hard and soft steel. The hard steel allows the edge to be sharpened sylvass while the soft steel makes the blade tough and durable. Something else that distinguishes Tamahagane's manufacturing process is the special grinding that gives the knives a microscopic rounding from back to tip. The blade becomes extra durable without losing its extreme sharpness.

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