Scanpan was founded in 1956 and is based outside Aarhus in Denmark. The range includes frying pans and pans of all kinds, ranging from coated pans made of recycled aluminium to copper-plated sauteus and long pans. The company is always at the forefront when it comes to developing new, groundbreaking products. For example, Scanpan was the first in the world to produce a non-stick coating without the environmentally hazardous substances PFOA and PFOS. The frying pans have been praised in product tests and helped chefs win prestigious competitions, such as the Swedish Championships, European Championships and World Cooking Championships. Scanpan is a world-class fryer, simply! 


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Scanpan's factory is located in the small town of Ryomgård just outside Aarhus in Denmark. In their manufacturing, they combine solid craftsmanship with the latest technology. An example of this is Scanpan's non-stick boilers, which are reinforced with titanium during hardening. Scanpan has taken the idea from the space industry, where they use titanium for heat shields on space shuttles. The titanium reinforcement gives the frying pans the same frying properties as ordinary coated frying pans, while making them significantly more durable. You can even use steel tools in Scanpan's coated boilers.

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