The grape variety is one of the most important factors in how a wine smells and tastes. What is also crucial for the wine experience is in which glass of wine is enjoyed. A good wine glass has a cup that brings out the best qualities of the grape and creates harmony between appearance, aroma and taste. Riedel has been working on developing grape-specific wine glasses for almost 50 years and is today a completely market leader in the area. For sommeliers and wine connoisseurs all over the world, Riedelglasen is a must. 

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The Riedel family has over 260 years of experience in glassmaking. Today, the company is run by Maximilian Riedel, who is the eleventh generation of glass merchants. Riedel's head office is located in Kufstein, Austria, and riedel's mouth-blown decanters and glass series are also produced here. Craftsmanship requires both great professionalism and large lungs. When the glass mass comes out of the 1200 degree hot oven, it has a texture similar to liquid honey. Riedel's glassblower produces about twelve large decanters in one day. After that, they switch to smaller decanters and glass, so that the lungs can cope. Riedel has two more glass factories. Their most modern facility is located in Weiden, Germany. It produces, among other things, the machine-made series Vinum, Veritas and Vitis. About 50,000 glasses leave the factory daily, compared to the factory in Kufstein, which has a daily production of 1,000 glasses and significantly more employees. In all factories, the final check for hand is done by knowledgeable craftsmen.

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