The first Global knife was designed in Japan in 1985. The combination of a durable steel, a unique design and an extremely sharp edge was what caused interest in the Globalkniven to quickly grow. First the knife took hold with the professional chefs, then the home cooks followed. Today, Global is one of the world's most popular knife brands and the company continues to deliver new, innovative models of kitchen knives. In Sweden, Global has for many years worked closely with, among others, the Swedish Chef National Team and Chef of the Year. 

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Good kitchen knives require good surfaces. If the surface is harder than your knife, the knife will be damaged. Global's wooden cutting board is made of silver oak, which is a gentle material that is ideal for cutting boards. The cutting board has a variety of smart features: measuring scale for fast and even measurement, through bolts to adjust the board with, friction cloth to prevent it from sliding, and oil to treat the wood with. The board is available in three supportive sizes.

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