Chili Klaus, or Claus Pilgaard as his real name is, is a Danish chili lover and entertainer with a Youtube channel where he challenges celebrities to taste extremely strong chili varieties. The fascination with chili has led to its own brand Chili Klaus – there are both products with throw-you-in-the-wall heat and milder treats with a clear chili flavor. The strength of all products is ranked on Chili Klaus' own "Wind Force Scale", where 1 is a very mild taste and 15 is extreme chilibonanza.


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Chili Klaus is the man who loves everything about chili. The range includes liquorice with chilli, sausages, BBQ ketchup, mayonnaise, chips, spices and slightly kinder varieties such as wine gum and sweets.
The kind becomes on strength 1 and the very strongest goes up to strength 15.
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