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Whether you are looking for a room for the night or for several days, if you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, want to have a coffee consisting of freshly baked products from a bakery around the corner or if you need a catering to the company, family or out into the forest, we can help you.

SPiS Kiruna is the complete solution for those looking for accommodation, food or drink.

Our talented sommeliers, chefs and fromager arrange tastings and events in their areas several times a year and if you are looking for a fun activity, we can help you with suggestions.

New Year's Food - Catering


Note that 1 person is 1 box. 1 box is 2 servings


We have always fulfilled lunchboxes in our deli, if you miss any kind in the fridge so feel free to ask us.




Book a cheese tasting with our fromager Sofie


Book a drinks tasting with our sommelier Åse

Beverage tastings

Book rooms #340 for a meeting or dinner in the private dining room

Menu #340

Back at last! ...

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Welcome to the warmth of our home today.

Delin is open. Lunch is served between 11am and 2pm and evening service starts at 5pm.

In addition, you can enjoy something tasty from the bar throughout the day.

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This year's ❤️ flavours have arrived in the shop!

Strawberry and cream and sweet licorice core

Fruity Caramel with blackcurrant flavour and salted licorice core

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Not sure what to have for dinner tonight?

At our place, Mohsen chose duck leg with confit potatoes, baked tomato, fried black cabbage and a rich red wine sauce. A real favourite!

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Now you can find pre-packed bags of Manchego and Sheep's cheese with black garlic.

Try it with truffle honey or quince jam with rosemary. How delicious!

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The best news now for the weekend, and all other days of course!

Whipped flavoured butter from @swedishculinairefood

Available in flavors:
Black Garlic
Cafe de Paris


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Little Saturday today!

Our Spaniard Juan recommends a cloudberry tea at the bar.

A really good gintonic is hard to beat.
Do you agree?

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This week's cheese bag is ready! 170 pix 🧀

-Truffle Brie
-Double Cream
-Applewood Smoked

2 different jams, biscuits

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New week, new food boxes!

Now the favourite plaice is back.

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Saturday's tip!

Cheese fondue from Jumi. Wrap the wooden box in foil, pour the contents into the box and then into the oven until the cheese melts. Serve with your choice of accompaniments. Suggest cornichons, sourdough bread and your choice of charcuterie.

A quick and luxurious dinner at its best!

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Still no plans for the evening?

Drop by for a good drink or a bite to eat. After all, it's Friday, all day 🎉

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Our Friday feeling is on top! 🎉

Come and have lunch with us.

Today we serve the following:

-Lenrimmed poached haddock fillet served with white wine sauce, tomato & sugar peas and potato puree

-Fried chicken breast fillet served with wokked vegetables, sweet chilli dressing, lime and jasmine rice

-Vegetarian quorn wok served with vegetables, sweet chilli dressing, lime and jasmine rice

Served 11.00-14.00


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Friday goodness in delin!

4-pack pintxos 99:-

-Broiled Savarin with truffles, gooseberry jam, raspberries

-Gravad reindeer fillet with pepper, lingonberry cream, thyme

-Iberico, marinated olives

-Quartz jelly with rosemary, manchego

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Our friends at @tornedalensrenprodukter have been by and left lots of goodies. A real favourite is the pepper engraved reindeer fillet. Both as a snack or why not as an appetizer with lingonberry cream. ...

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The cooks have prepared lots of food this morning which has resulted in lots of food boxes for the delin.

Welcome in!

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This week's cheese sauce is ready!

How cosy to curl up on the sofa and eat some cheese in this bad weather. This week you'll find the following:

Brie De Meaux
Cave-aged Gruyere
Saint Agur

Fig jam, clementine jam and biscuits. 170:-/bag

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We kick off the week with news in the cheese counter! 🧀

Listen to this:
Cironé, Schlossberger, Belper Knolle, Alex and Wiss-sy foodü

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We have about 100 tickets we used at the café at the airport. The motifs are made by Moski design Åsa Waara. Since we no longer need them, we are now selling them off for 40:-/pc. We have 4 different motifs, used condition but still nice. We do not put away but drive first come, first served then you also get the chance to choose the ones you think are the best. We have them in delin on Bergmästaregatan so peek in and chop a couple of them. ...

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