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Finding the finest products and the most delicious food is an important part of our deli. We are constantly working on finding new flavor combinations and ingredients, which can be enjoyed with a fancy drink in the restaurant, but also bought home for dinner, party or dinner with family and friends. Our deli is an important part of our restaurant where we work with the premium range of cheese, charkuteries, oils, coffee, tea and other food items. We also have local reindeer meat, ptarmigan, elk and berry products in the assortment that have been processed in various ways. With us, you always get ideas on suitable accessories and we can help you with everything from simple mingel to complete dinners that are easily picked up in delin. We do more than sell good food, we also offer knowledge, perfect maturity and wonderful ingredients that have really taken advantage of the best way. With us, genuine food is a proof of respect for producers, consumers and commodities. Love simply.



Coppa Di Parma, Bresaola, Prosciutto and Salami Milano, examples of products that have been air dried for many months where knowledge and experience put their mark on top quality ingredients. Products we select and market in our deli, a dish filled with food that can be sliced thin and served with olives, sun dried tomatoes and amazing bread from our bakery. One of our most popular products is our charcuterie plate that can be made for small and large companies, a perfect plate to start the dinner or mingled with. We use ingredients from the whole Mediterranean area, but we also have local charcuteries in the form of pure and moose meat products. Look forward to a taste and experience real tastes from real ingredients.


Achieving perfect maturation on a cheese is an art, with us, the cheeses can mature at their own pace where we choose the best ripe for the moment. Storing cheese takes time but is definitely worth it. As a customer in our cheese dish, it is a privilege to choose from all the many varieties we always offer, we store and maturate them and you buy them at the right time at their best to consume. In combination with our marmalades, vegetables and biscuits in different flavors, you will come to the cheese sky. Please also ask us about the best combination with our sourdough bread or crackers. We can also give you tips for drinking and, if desired, would like to have cheese trays for larger parties.



Here we hang meat for at least 30 days to achieve perfect maturity and tenderness. We are happy to order, but always fill the cabinet with ready-made meat and also use the meat on the menu in the restaurant. We choose meat for the cabinet, both locally and from other parts of the world, but always in terms of quality, where only the best can be hung in our meat locker.


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